• Flowjo Update 4/28/20


    Dear Community ~

    Today marks seven weeks since we voluntarily opted to close The Flowjo to protect the community, our staff and my own family. To my knowledge, we were the first business to close in the area just before the state lockdown was mandated. I truly believe our quick response has helped us to minimize the spread of COVID-19 in our micro (and-wider) community. 

    I (Julia) want to first express my care and gratitude for all of you and your continued support. We’re appreciative of our Sustainers and to our students who have made donations to help in this challenging time.

    Also, I want to appreciate the years of connection with the students, families and dancers, mostly folks who I’ve met inside The Flowjo space. These connections still provide such a meaningful anchor in this time of uncertainty. The transformations that have occurred inside that space are beyond words. So many sweet memories are held in those walls. We look forward to the moment when we can dance, co-create and practice together again.

    While NC considers a three-phase re-open strategy, I want to assure everyone that I will continue to prioritize our community’s health over anything else. Gov Cooper’s guidelines for testing, contract tracing and so forth sound grounded and smart. However, the timeline sounds optimistic. We’ll continue to stay attuned to the local situation, updated scientific research, county & state mandates as well as our gut sense in deciding when to reopen. Even if reopening is desired, my body won’t let me do something that’s out of integrity or against my gut sense and intuition (which for me is absolutely informed by my critical thinking skills.)

    To our sustainers or potential sustainers: if you continue to support this project, you are both investing the continued support of the staff in this time while also allowing us to pay the landlord something monthly so we can insure the possibility of reopening in the right time. I trust that when that glorious moment arrives, we’ll more than ever want, or rather need to return to practice, dance and healing community rituals. If you’re able to make a one-time or recurring monthly tax deductible donation to support us through this, you can do that here:

    In the meantime, if there are ways that we can be of support, please reach out. My husband  Jonathan is an acupuncturist and practitioner of classical Chinese medicine and has provided a lot of relief to folks (including my blood family) with various expressions of COVID as well as other ailments through herbal medicine. We have a stocked apothecary and phone consults are available on a sliding scale basis. 

    Our Ecstatic Dances are currently continuing over Zoom on Wednesdays at 7:30pm & Sundays at 11:11am.  If you’re interested in joining, please email for details.

    If anyone close to you is approaching end-of-life or has passed amidst this crisis, I am also available for ancestral healing, grief and doula support. We are about to move a new home and are going to invest our earth-stewarding energy into beautiful land where we will consecrate an Ancestral Grove & Green Burial Ground. (More about this in the next update.) The sacredness of this final transition, bodily disposition and the grief process are deeply important to me. I continue to immerse myself in this study. Jonathan and I are ready to move forward with this land-based project in Chatham County with the intent to cultivate space for midwifing metamorphosis at various life and soul stages. Amidst this pandemic, know that we are here and ready to support our extended community in the variety of ways that we can. 

    More here -

    We wish you health, ease and connection in this time outside of time.

    with gratitude ~

    Julia & The Flowjo Family

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