• The Flowjo is Closed - but still awesome

    FOR at least TWO WEEKS

    Beloved community ~

    While my heart hurts writing this, I feel a responsibility to make this choice out of love for all of us and for our extended community health. It is not my intention to add to the fear & anxiety. However, I sincerely think it's wise to take COVID-19 even more seriously and create immediate measures to slow the spread of this virus for our community at large.

    After spending more time reading articles about COVID-19 as NC declares a state of emergency due to cases in the Triangle, it seems important to make a decision. In countries where immediate actions were taken to contain and minimize the spread of the virus, it has made a dramatic and positive impact. If we can slow the transmission rate, the healthcare system can be better resourced to handle the patients who need support. Fewer people will suffer. Fewer will die.

    My spirit shudders at the thought of social distancing, but this temporary measure may have a significant impact on the most vulnerable among our extended community. If we take these measures now, we may be distanced for a shorter time. While movement is undoubtedly healthy, given the nature of our prop and contact-based activities, I feel its wise to refrain from hosting multiple groups of people daily in the community space.

    My partner Jonathan and I are considering other ways to be supportive in this unprecedented global moment. There may be other important functions for the Flowjo to serve. Jonathan's been reading up on impactful immune boosting treatments including moxibustion and herbs. We'll be posting more soon on all that.

    Even if at a brief distance, we're in this together.

    With love~

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