• The Flowjo: Uncertain Future for our Beloved Urban Sanctuary


    The Flowjo: Uncertain Future for our Beloved Urban Sanctuary

    The Flowjo in Carrboro, NC is (was and hopefully will be again) a space for embodied expression including dance, community events, aerial acrobatics and circus arts. Since opening in March of 2011, The Flowjo has provided space for people of all ages to become empowered through movement with community.

    For nearly a decade, The Flowjo has been a Carrboro institution for movers and healers;  children, teens and adults. This space has woven a multi-generational dance community; ushered a generation of youth into young adulthood through aerial and circus classes; hosted world class artists for performances and workshops; supported countless creative collaborations; held many a celebration; and seen some of the most beautiful, mind-blowing, mystical movement happening on the planet. It's hard to believe, but thousands of you reading these words have felt and contributed to the magic here. These walls have held tremendous joy and cavernous grief; lighthearted play and deep healing. And now, they sit empty in COVID's wake.

    Built by the Quakers upon the historic site of the first black Freedman's school and site of the first two black churches in Chapel Hill, this place has felt sacred to many who have deepened into the mysteries of their bodies here. A decade-long divine journey. Of the work I've stewarded thus far, I am in awe all that has been facilitated by and grown from this space. Deeply grateful for our amazing teachers, facilitators, students, communities, contributors, funders, volunteers and artists who made and sustained this place. Much of our current work wouldn't be possible without the decade of history in this studio.

    It's yet to be seen whether The Flowjo is simply in an extended winter hibernation or if it will be yet another COVID casualty. Closed since March of 2020, we're only now considering whether to open to a small group of Sustainers (and possibly for other Friends of The Flowjo) for personal or pod-based practices. At this point, the safety of our beloved community of artists and dancers is of primary importance. Classes with 2-3 people may be able to happen safely, but are simply not financially viable at this time. 

    The long-term goal and deep wish is for this space to reopen  on the other side of this pandemic and resume being a home base for weekly dances, classes and events. 

    While we are unable to host classes, the future of the space depends mostly on the generosity of our Sustainers and the flexibility of our landlord (who has been an angel throughout COVID.) If it is financially viable. we’ll maintain the Brewer Lane space and can consider opening it for private and pod-based use beginning in December or January.  Once we have an estimated budget for Sustainer pledges for the coming season and know that folks would make use of this, we’ll move forward with repair-work, space preparations and sign-up schedule. Your contributions will also ensure a reopening when it is safe. Become a Sustainer by making a monthly recurring, tax deductible donation below. 

    Make a One Time donation or Become a Sustainer

    Photo: Our beloved Flowjo dance community, many of whom continue to Sustain this place and make the hope of returning one day possible.

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