• Consent and Boundaries

  • Join us February 9 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at The Flowjo in Carrboro to learn more about yourself, your edges and your boundaries in this interactive workshop co-facilitated by sexual health educators Bonnie MacDougall and Christy Croft. This will be an interactive class with embodied practice asserting, receiving, and noticing boundaries. It will involve opportunities to ask for, say yes to, and say no to consensual, platonic touch ("May I touch your shoulder?" or "Would you like a hug?"), but will not involve sexual touch at all.

    Class is $25-50 sliding scale and may be paid in person. We don't want money to be a reason for some one to be turned away, so if money is an issue and you have a powerful call to attend, please email us in advance of the workshop at info@theflowjo.com. A handful of spots will be reserved on a first-come, first served basis for less resourced attendees. Email for information.

    Facilitators have extensive experience working with survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence, and intend to hold space in a trauma-informed and healing-centered way. It might bring up challenging feelings, but will provide an intentional container for holding those feelings with gentleness. This is event will be trauma-informed and LGBTQ-friendly.

    About your facilitators:

    Christy Croft is an independent consent and sexuality educator, writer, and queer organizer who also works a full-time day job in the movement against sexual violence. She holds an interdisciplinary Master’s degree that focused on global human rights, gender theory, and religion, is an experienced and creative ritualist, and regularly guest lectures at local queer theology classes. She is a pleasure activist, a giant nerd, and a survivor of all the things, and is radically unapologetic about her sometimes-conflicting identities. In her free time, she dances, swims in rivers, writes, protests, sings bad karaoke, and is a hobbyist hooper and fire performer.

    Bonnie MacDougall is a long-time sexual health educator with a background in domestic violence, crisis intervention, counseling, and social justice. An advocate for bodily safety and communication, she regularly trains medical, PA and graduate nursing students on how to conduct sexual health histories, pelvic, and breast exams. She is the mother of two incredible children with their own unique ways of being in the world that also teach her daily how to be a better person. A hooper and fire performer with almost 17 years of experience, she has taught at flow arts festivals across the country, and is known for her fluidity and grace.

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