• Summer Solstice Ceremony & Fundraiser

  • Friday, June 21
    Doors at 7:00pm, Cacao served 7:30. Music should wrap up by 10:00, with optional divination completion to follow.
    In honor of the longest day of the year, we'll be hosting a ceremony to honor the fire of the sun and the heart. Servings of cacao will be followed by a live music-enhanced ritual dance. Given the turbulent nature of these times, we're providing this space to bring whatever is truly on your heart and integrate all that's been surfacing since Beltane.  Bring your joy & celebration, grief & anger. 
    Julia will be weaving an hour of music to drop-in and softly warm up into gentle, flowing music. Then, we'll transition into collaborative drumming and finish with songs from the heart. All voices welcome.  
    30% of the proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood.
    About the Cacao: In awareness of the problematic nature of the global chocolate industry, we are taking extra care to source highest-quality heirloom (Criollo variety) cacao from a small family farm in the Guatemalan highlands. With all respect to the ancestral traditions of Mayan peoples, we want to be clear that we do not claim to represent those ways and are simply grateful for the chance to offer this nourishing, connective, gentle plant medicine for celebration and healing in the context of our own unique ceremonial container. The cacao brew will be vegan, lightly sweetened, and contain coconut and spices.
    About the Dance Ritual: An age-old way of communing with the forces that sustain life, dance can help us connect with emotional waters, receive insights, and provide a pathway to embodied prayer. In contrast to a typical ecstatic dance, this night of ritually-held movement will include specific invocations and harness collective intention to integrate, grieve, celebrate, release. Note that In this context, "dance" is free and improvisational and can include simply resting or sitting at the altar.
    About the Divination: A process of gleaning meaning through the seemingly random, divination can be a powerful way to gain insight and open a subtle door for spirit guidance. We'll be engaging in an collaborative, crowd-sourced divination method involving a variety of symbols being placed on a wheel representing sections of the coming year. This will help us catch a glimpse of what the coming seasons hold for the Flowjo and surrounding community and to attune with changes already underway. 
    * Anything you like to be extra comfy (pillow, yoga mat, etc)
    * Mug for cacao
    * Water bottle or vessel
    * Drum or other instruments
    * Song
    * Journal
    * Altar offering
    Cost: $25-65 sliding scale in advance. $35-70 at the door
    Pre-registration greatly appreciated. (Spots at each price point are limited.)


  • $ 25.00

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