• Family Ecstatic Dance

  • Saturdays, May 18 & June 15


    Family Ecstatic Dance offers a safe, sacred and playful space for people of all ages to move, express and explore movement within the container of community. The dance will begin and end with a circle, as well as a relaxation time at the end of dance. The music is a wave, starting out with slower meditative music, moving into faster more upbeat sounds and moving back to down to a slower rhythm. Family Ecstatic Dance differs from regular ecstatic dance in that the dance is shorter, the music is at lower volume more appropriate for small ears and the music is appropriate for all ages. Children can burn off energy, learn to engage in a community and express what they are feeling through movement and have the opportunity to witness adults moving freely, playing, expressing and feeling. And the Parents and Adults have a space to let go and move freely in shared and sacred space with their children and alongside other families.

    To co-create this container for fun, safe and healing play, we ask that each dancer:
    -Keep the dance floor conversation-free. Sound making is OK though! (Understanding that kids of course might talk, but we ask parents to listen to their child's needs, and try to turn the conversation towards movement or sound making).
    -Respect the space, yourself and one another (clean up after yourselves and your little ones)
    -Bring a water bottle
    -Dance barefoot or in dance specific shoes (no street shoes)

    Suggested contribution: $5-$15 sliding scale per dancer, pay at the door in cash or check

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