All Soul's Day - Group Acupuncture & Ancestral Dance

All Soul’s Day - Group Acupuncture Dive and Ancestral Dance
In this fast-darkening season when the veils at their thinnest, join us for an evening dedicated to inner exploration and movement honoring our beloved dead.
A group acupuncture treatment will help drop you into your body and attune you with the fall season and its corresponding element, Metal. Metal cuts away what’s inessential, leaving you clear to pursue your unique destiny and connection with spirit.
From here, with channels open, we’ll go on a guided journey exploring the state and impact of four of your blood lineages, setting boundaries with any less-than-vibrant energy along the way. 
The evening culminates in an Ancestral Dance, a ritualized dance form weaving improvisational movement and ancestral lineage healing. These group rituals provide opportunities to directly commune with well ancestors, make offerings and dance in service of healing the not-yet-well dead of a lineage. 
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6pm Gather, brief opening circle
6:20 Group acupuncture
7:30 Guided lineage exploration
8:15 Ancestral Dance
First half only (group acupuncture and lineage exploration)
Second half only (ancestral dance)
Entire evening