Counsel & Readings

Spiritual Counsel

Both Julia & Jonathan are available on a session basis for spiritual counsel, with an emphasis on helping the client connect with transpersonal sources of guidance and support. 

In addition to grounded, compassionate conversation, sessions with Jonathan may include the use of the I Ching, runes, or other mantic tools in order to bring in higher perspective. 

Julia's sessions draw from a wealth of experience navigating emotional and social waters; she is especially skilled in listening to the wisdom and unacknowledged messages of the body.

Spiritual Readings

Spiritual readings using an eclectic set of symbolic tools are available for guidance, clarification and creative inspiration, Readings are helpful at life's crossroads or whenever vision is required; yearly readings (often done on a birthday, anniversary or at new years) are also available. 

Note that these readings are not geared toward fixed predictions, rather they aim to shed light on present dynamics and illumine future probabilities. 

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