Discrimination, Bathroom Policies & Requests

In response to recent NC legislative decisions, I want to include a specific statement here so that folks coming to The Flowjo for the first time know where we stand.

The Flowjo commits to non-discriminatory practices and welcomes humans regardless of sexual orientation, gender expression, biological sex, race, religion, nationality, age, etc.  We (the community) just do our best to welcome people and practice respect for diversity.  

In regards to bathrooms, I have trust in everyone to use the room that feels right & best for their bodies.  I hope everyone may feel physically & emotionally safe, comfortable and welcome.  We have two bathrooms.  Since they are different inside, they aren't as conducive for being "gender neutral" (the town required them to be build gender specific) so I've described the bathrooms here.  

One is labeled with a drummer, the other with a hoop dancer.  

The somewhat masculine drummer bathroom on the left has two rooms.  In the entry room, there is a urinal & sink.  This room is a beautiful deep red, has a privacy wall and also has a locking door (if necessary). The second room (deep teal) has a handicap accessible toilet and a locking door.

The sorta feminine hoopdancer bathroom on the right also has two (blue) rooms.  The entry room has a private, locking stall and sink.  There is a second room with a handicap accessible toilet and a locking door.  The outer/main door also locks.  However, this is somewhat inconvenient to others who may just want to go in to use the sink, make a clothing adjustment, or take a privacy break, etc.  If you have particular needs that require you to lock this door for a moment to feel another barrier of safety, that is OK.  But please be conscious that this may make an unnecessary line on the dance-floor.  


While we don't discriminate, we do have a few groups & events tailored to specific groups of people. We believe it is a beautiful, powerful, healing opportunity to bond with others in a similar developmental stage or with similar embodied, devotional or cultural experience.   For example, we have women's circles/dances, teen classes, kids classes and a queer youth class.  None of these are meant to be exclusive or hurtful.  And I know there can be controversy over this in some cases.  For some of us, this is a way for us to create safe containers for connection and deeper self-learning. The Flowjo is also open to hosting men's groups, trans groups, specific devotional practices.  While we are all one, we also respect the range of our unique, significant differences.

with love & hope for all beings

with gratitude for a circle of conscious, diverse beings and their input to co-create workable guidelines for this community space