What is your policy for refunds, make-ups & pro-rating for missed classes for a series?

  • We understand that life is full of contingencies and do our best to be fair and work with our clients.  We also honor that signing up for a series is an agreement between the student, teacher and studio.  There is a minimum registration requirement for a series to happen.  Your signing up for a series is part of the commitment that allows the series to go forward whether you attend the series or not.   Thus, we do not refund missed classes.
  • If you know you will miss a couple of dates within a series, you can pro-rate the series to miss up to 2 classes.
  • If you miss a class due to unexpected reasons (illness, conflict), we offer access to an open workout for the missed class.  Due to the size of classes and progressive nature of series, we cannot allow drop-ins to another class.  
  • If something unexpected happens (injury, extreme illness) and you cannot attend the series, we do our best to work with each case individually to find a workable solution for all parties.

What should I/my child wear to aerial, circus, hoop & acrobatic classes?

  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows the ability to go upside down (leotard, tank or T and leggings)
  • For aerial, you may want something to cover armpits and backs of knees
  • For aerial,Jewelry must be taken off before classes to avoid ripping silks
  • Students will want the ability to pull hair back for aerial & circus classes
  • For hoop, wear comfortable clothing that is *not too slippery*.  Belts are discouraged
  • Shoes & socks are discouraged from all practices.  (Socks and dance -specific shoes OK for hooping.)

How many people are in each class?

  • Aerial classes have between 7 - 12 students
  • Circus & hoop classes tend to have 5-8 students
  • Our larger (10-12 student) aerial classes almost always have a teacher and an assistant

How do I make payment?

  • Checks.  Make payable to The Flowjo
  • Cash in person.
  • Credit card, via the website.
  • PayPal, info@TheFlowjo.com.

Can I drop-in for a series class?

  • Hoop classes allow drop-ins.  
  • If you have aerial experience and there is space in a series, you can drop-in for the intermediate classes for $25/class.  Due to the progressive nature of our series classes, we cannot allow drop-ins to beginner classes.

Is there anything I should bring?

  • water bottle