Flowjo Family Circus History


Hoopdrum, the organizing force behind The Flowjo, has been performing for the past seven years.  In 2011, they were voted "Performance Group of The Year" by the Global Hoop Community.  That same year, Julia & Scott opened The Flowjo and decided to grow their circus family into a more diversified collective of artists.  With a studio for practice and performance, equipped with aerial rigs and lights, they initiated deeper collaborations with other local artists.  
The Flowjo Family Circus includes many of The Flowjo's instructors in addition to circus, flow & fire artists who regularly train at the studio.  Some of our youth circus also perform in the community.  

The Flowjo Family Circus recent shows & productions:

circusSPARK (2011-13)
Lost at Sea (The Flowjo, 2013)
Looking for a Hero (The Flowjo, 2012)
Bones & Lilies, Circus production with Crystal Bright & The Silver Hands (The Flowjo, Mar 2,3) 
Cirque de la Premiere Nuit (First Night Raleigh 2011-12)
First Night Light Circus (First Night Raleigh 2011)
Antique Circus (The Flowjo, Oct 2011)
Blood Moon Festival (The Station, Oct 2011) 
CoHill Fest (Greensboro, Oct 2011)
Pepper Festival (Pittsboro, Oct 2011-13)
Festifall (Chapel Hill, Oct 2011)