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Dearest Flowjo friends and family,

In 2010, I made a wish and took a leap opening The Flowjo. It began with a few key offerings -- hooping, ecstatic dance and aerial acrobatics. Since then The Flowjo's opened to a range of emerging interests and needs in our community, creating a unique place with the capacity to honor the full spectrum of human experience from the ecstatic to the horrid, from mourning to celebration, from birth to death. Originally envisioned as a circus and dance practice space, The Flowjo has blossomed into a haven for the full range of being human. We have witnessed children grow into adults cultivating confidence and expressive capacities through embodied practices. We’ve hosted international artists and co-created mesmerizing and heartfelt performances. We’ve catalyzed multiple micro-communities around playful and soulful practices. We’ve celebrated births and grieved losses. We’ve supported one other through tumultuous times as well as honored personal and communal milestones. We’ve tended the deep terrain of our hearts together, learning to feel it all along the way. Over the past seven years, The Flowjo has truly become a sanctuary for youth, adults and elders to explore, express and evolve.

Now, The Flowjo’s at a pivotal moment, with some programs maturing and others fading away. Due to lost streams of income this summer and upcoming fall, The Flowjo cannot meet expenses this season with summer classes and events alone. After seven years, we’re also in need of repairs, renovations and upgrades: everything from tending recent water damage, to repairing lighting, upgrading the HVAC system and the office, purchasing new aerial silks, and creating a one-on-one treatment room. We also need support in order to create and/or further develop new programming in line with the next phase of our growth. There's inspiration to weave in more rites of passage work--programs for young ones coming into puberty and adulthood-- as well as ancestral healing rituals, death-related circles, consent work, community rituals and grief ceremonies. We’re excited to partner with local organizations to expand our outreach capacity and youth scholarship options; seek leadership training and mentorship to support new programming; and collaborate on new shows weaving together performance, ritual and myth. To get any of these projects off the ground, The Flowjo needs a team. One of the first priorities is to invest in someone to handle the day-to-day administrative jobs and space management so that I can attend to the big picture and prepare for this next leap towards sustainable growth for our beloved space. As challenging and vulnerable as it is to ask for help, The Flowjo is seeking $36,000. Your support will allow The Flowjo to get through the dog days of summer drought and invest in the future of this unique community sanctuary.


The blessing amidst all this change is a potent opportunity to consider the greater vision and mission of the Flowjo and attempt to expand our service to the wider community. Across indigenous cultures, movement is medicine, prayer, communion. In these wild, uncertain and often infuriating times, we need expressive, connective and soulful practices. We need alternative forms of healing from centuries old trauma, grief and isolation. We need community. We need ways to honor the sacredness of our own bodies and the bodies of others. While it’s expensive to maintain a physical space, I believe the consistency is essential to anchoring community and projects valuable to the health and creativity of that community. I wish for The Flowjo to continue evolving as a unique, modern-day sacred site--part school, part community hub, part theater, part temple.

This space has been nurtured as it’s grown deep-rooted as a dandelion--understated, humble, yet bold-hearted. We’ve seen it blossom in unexpected, nourishing ways. Now, we are entering a new phase where the vision must expand beyond the old confines. Growth is messy, beautiful, painful and necessary, and it’s what the Flowjo is about. After seven years of providing sacred space for embodied practices and community-building events, the nourishing soil cultivated on Brewer Lane is ripe for new seeds to take root. Deep breath in, gathering resources, preparing to exhale and scatter seeds to propel The Flowjo into its next stage of life!

Please consider supporting us in this time of transition. Your support will enable us to continue serving the community in familiar and even richer ways, reclaiming ancient forms of medicine at the intersections of movement, theater and ritual in service of personal, collective, ancestral and cultural healing.

With flowing gratitude ~
Julia Hartsell
Flowjo mama


Fundraising Goal: $36,000 

If you’re unable to donate, please know that your continued participation in and pre-registration for FJ events also helps and is greatly appreciated. We'll be adding a few in-person events to support this fundraising effort. The updated fall schedule will be posted here soon. 

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More about the needs and upcoming projects here .

Need one-on-one healing work-- acupuncture, ancestral lineage healing, herbal consultation or divination work?  Support the build of a new treatment room making The Flowjo even more of a healing sanctuary while supporting Julia, her husband and their lives by booking an appointment.  Details here. 

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