Flowjo Sustainer Pledge Drive


The Sustainer Pledge Drive is aimed at securing a predictable level of support to keep this project going in 2020. If you are interested in contributing to the Sustainer Pledge Drive to keep The Flowjo going in 2020, make your monthly recurring donations here.



  • PayPal Donations: Click the PayPal DONATE button to make a one-time OR MONTHLY RECURRING DONATION. You can enter your own amount. 
  • Payment start date & first month pledges: One drawback to this processor: you cannot select a date for your first pledge. So, your first pledge will go to the Heartward Sanctuary PayPal account as soon as you make the pledge. However, I *will not* transfer or utilize the funds  until we make a decision (by Dec 5). If we don't have enough funds to go forward, each sustainer will have the choice to: a) have the one month refunded or b) make the one month a contribution to our December dances and expenses and then you cancel the monthly recurring payment. Your first pledge DOES NOT cover November dances. This transition will not occur until December.
  • You will have access to cancel your monthly contribution. However, we are asking for year commitments to ensure consistency

Sustainer Pledge Drive from NOV 11 - NOV 29.

Our goal:

to reach our full budget of $6,500/month in year long sustainer pledges and/or sub-leases to sustain this community space. This will cover rent, bills, labor, fund for repairs and maintenance. These pledges can be for access to all dances or commitment to book an ongoing rental, private practice, weekly or monthly event (separate from dance).
We'll calculate the pledges on Friday Nov 29. If our extended community pledges enough support, we'll sign another year lease and move forward with a new structure.
If we raise enough funds and commitments, we'll continue hosting regular Wed & Sun dance, community rituals and two days of aerial dance classes with Liz on Brewer Lane. (And of course, whatever sub-leased events are booked.) Once we know what remains of the time in the week available, then we'll proceed with recruiting a community council(s) to create or plan or approve events (for our dance community or wider-community events.) We envision multiple councils/subcommittees to help maintain aspects of the project.
If we don't reach out goal, we'll close the doors on Jan 1.

I'll be meeting with my landlord on December 1 to sign a lease or give notice to close the doors and walk away on 1/1/20.

If we close on Jan 1, expect a Winter Solstice Ceremony to close the ritual space on December 21, and maybe a bumpin' party on December 31.
If we don't raise enough, but we raise a significant amount, we'll consider other venues for 1-2 dances/week if possible. 
If none of those options work, all pledges will be canceled.
Then, we'll proceed with the appropriate rituals and celebrations to honor our time shared in this precious space.

What you can do

1) Become a Sustainer

We're recruiting sustainers to commit to pay a consistent monthly contribution for ONE YEAR.
You can invest whatever rate you choose as a monthly contribution.
This is a complete transition to a gift model of support.

Becoming a sustainer at any level gives you full access to Wednesday & Sunday dances, discounts on select Heartward Sanctuary events and 12 dance passes/year to give away.

All contributions are tax deductible.
All sustainers will also receive a discount on select Heartward Sanctuary events (Grief Ceremonies, Cacao Ceremonies, Ritual Dances, Quarter/Cross-Quarter Ceremonies etc.)
Another way you can help


Committed bookings bring greater stability with less administrative overhead.
Commit to a year long contract for personal or group practice or a weekly or monthly event or class. (You promote and manage your own events.) Queer ED, Kirtan, Aerial Dance, Consent Trainings, CI Jams, Flow Jams, Women's Circles or Dance, TransYoga, Song Circles, Authentic Relating, Aerial Yoga. Yoga, Personal Practice Time, etc... Have a dream of facilitating an event? Here's an opportunity to invest in your vision and the space.
Book the treatment space half or full day/week.
Send inquiries and booking to INFO@THEFLOWJO.COM.