Considerations for Ecstatic Dance

Enter and leave space with care 

Sign in and place your contribution in the basket (cash, check and passcards)

Dance barefoot, in socks or in dance specific shoes (not street shoes)

Keep dance floor verbal conversation free

Each dancer is responsible for their own emotional and physical safety.  

Keep dance space & floor (and center of stairwell) clear of personal items

To conserve resources, The Flowjo does not provide paper cups.  Bring a water bottle or vessel which can be re-filled by our filtered water fountain.

If you want to dance or interact with someone, fully assess where they are, how they are moving and whether they want to dance.  If someone is dancing with eyes closed or facing a wall, it is likely that they are focusing inward and are not available to partnering.  Get enthusiastic non-verbal Consent before touching anyone.

If you don't want to dance with someone, empower your no.  One way is to bring your hands closed to your chest and bow in a gesture of 'no thank you'.

One of the realities and gifts of this ritual space, is that we are learning about our boundaries and edges. Each person is a unique creature with a unique history and collection of experiences and thus different boundaries.  Sometimes, we don't know what our edges are they are crossed, by ourselves or another.   If someone crosses your personal boundary, it is helpful for both parties if you let them know directly.  It is a good practice to assume that most boundaries are crossed by accident, not with malice.  Communicating directly can hopefully increase compassion, trust and connection, rather than furthering division or discomfort.

Consider the idea of dance zones - once the dance is high energy, it less safe to sit or lay in the middle of the floor, especially with eyes closed.  To protect the physical safety of yourself and others, you may consider sitting or laying down in the periphery.  The upstairs is also available for this.

If the dance-floor is extremely crowded, please be extra aware of the space around you, especially when partnering.

A rule of contact improvisation is also good to consider:  If you get hurt, you're responsible. if you hurt someone, you are responsible. With this level of attention, awareness and accountability, we can continue to cultivate a safe container (and ninja-like skills!)

Children & teens are welcome.  However, the expectation is that they are able to understand and follow the guidelines of the dance including the ones related to talking and disruptive activity, even if upstairs in the lounge, during the dance and circle.  Unattended children are not allowed in the lounge.  One of the safety concerns arises when little ones are running or crawling through the space and aren't as easily seen or are unpredictable.  

Please note that the volume is loud and won't be adjusted for baby or sensitive ears. So, take care or wear ear plugs as needed.