Ritual Dance

The Flowjo Ritual Dance
We enter ritual to respond to the call of the soul
~ Malidoma Some

Ritual Dances combine improvisational movement, music and ritual for a specific, shared purpose.  Meditative presence, prayer, ritual technologies, movement, altar work, shared intention are woven together to create a safe, spacious container for participants to dive deeper into embodied, communal process.  This Ritual allows us to commune in a very ancient way for healing, grieving, expression or celebration with the request of support from the unseen, the Otherworld, our ancestors or deities.  Participants may be asking for help for themselves or working on behalf of others.

After repeatedly experiencing deeply profound, transmutative & transpersonal experiences on the dance floor, I was called to work in this way more explicitly for my own healing, guidance and for support with difficult emotions and transitions.  The deep healing received has inspired me to offer the space for others.  I facilitate a variety of ceremonies, asking for the help of Spirit, to support community in grief, rites of passage and individual, communal & collective healing.

Developed & Facilitated by Julia Hartsell

For more about Ritual Dance, Ancestral Dance & Ancestral Healing, visit: www.heartwardsanctuary.org