You can also contribute directly to the new treatment space by pre-booking private sessions with Julia Hartsell or Jonathan Edwards. 


Julia is opening to mentor others in the realms of professional development, event organization, hoop dance, ritual, dance facilitation and community leadership. 

$180/75 minute session (by zoom, phone or in-person) or $300 for 2 sessions

Healing Arts Sessions

25% of each in-person session goes towards the Flowjo for the treatment space and the rest to the practitioner

$100 Hoop Dance lesson at The Flowjo

60 minutes with Julia for 1-2 people, available for ages 7+

$250 Group Hoop Dance lesson at The Flowjo

Great for a group up to 10 people, available for ages 8+

$125 Acupuncture Treatment

75-90 minute initial session w/ Jonathan Edwards at The Flowjo, can also include moxibustion, cupping

$100 Herbal Consult

60 minute session w/ Jonathan Edwards at The Flowjo

$200 Combined Acupuncture & Herbal Treatment

2 hour session w/ Jonathan Edwards

$100 Divination Session (at FJ or remote)

60 minutes session w/ Jonathan Edwards. I Ching, custom cards, runes and eclectic methods to access higher perspective and inner wisdom to shed light on crossroads and dilemmas

Ancestral lineage healing sessions

$125 Ancestral lineage healing session (at Fj or by phone/zoom)

75-90 minute ancestral lineage healing session with Jonathan Edwards or Julia Hartsell (specify practitioner)

$500 Ancestral healing course - combinaonline group meetings and one-on-one sessions

Join Julia & Jonathan for an ancestral healing course comprised of 2 group sessions & 4 one-on-one sessions -- private sessions available by skype phone or in-person (July 12-Aug 19) 

More about ancestral healing here

Full event details here

More about Julia Hartsell

More about Jonathan Edwards

Death Preparation Work

$150 Private Session, 3 for $350

All is welcome in this 90 minute one-on-one session by phone/zoom or in-person with Julia to tend to your 5 Wishes Form, Death Care Directive and to discuss what feels true for you and how you desire your body to be tended at the time of your transition and after your death. I’ve lead multiple death meditations, death preparations series and have offered ceremonies for the dying. This work is deeply meaningful, honors the sacredness of this transition and supports a deeper engagement with life.

$150 ~ Group Series at The Flowjo

Four session series, dates tbt by doodle when participants confirm interest. To begin in November 2018.