The Flowjo is a space for flow.  Like a Dojo, it is a studio for training, but also shared practice, classes, performances and community events.  The Flowjo hosts classes in hoop dance, aerial arts, dance, acrobatics, as well as other circus & flow arts. The Flowjo hosts schools for circus day; family friendly community dances; traveling artists; circus productions.
We believe that finding deeper expression through dance, play, music and flow can increase contentment, expand possibility and nurture community.  As each of us finds our truest bliss, that spark that makes our heart sing, our world becomes a more beautiful place for all.
At The Flowjo we seek to provide safe space for students to expand their realms of possibility.  In our studio, individuals of all ages are encouraged to try things that may at first seem inaccessible, even impossible.  As each individual transcends their own limits - dancing in a hoop, in the air, inverted or with fire; moving without inhibition; performing- he or she also finds the confidence to approach challenges in life.   It is amazing to hear youth exclaim "I didn't know I was so strong!"  Parents comment that their children become stronger and more graceful, and also learn how to slow down and problem solve.  As challenges are approached with guidance and support, strength and confidence are cultivated.
As we find our flow, we learn to trust.  For me, finding flow allows me to surrender to the moment and my body's wisdom.  I learn when to think through problems, when to feel through process and when to just let go.