Julia Hartsell (Jewels)

Owner, The Flowjo

Hoop Artist, Dancer, Acrobat, Community Mama, Ritualist
Teacher, Mentor, Ritualist ~ JuliaHartsell.com
Creatrix, Hoop Convergence, a yearly hoop dancers' conference
Collaborator, Synergy FlowArts
Artist @ hoopdrum, The Flowjo Family Circus & solo artist 

Dancer, Hoop Artist, Movement Guide & Soul Activist, Julia Hartsell has cleared her path with passionate leaps of faith.  Julia is a pioneer in the modern Hoop Dance movement; organizes a yearly, Internationally renowned conference, Hoop Convergence; runs The Flowjo, a movement sanctuary for dance, somatic & circus arts in Carrboro, NC; and mamas an Ecstatic Dance tribe born in their weekly Flowjo rituals.   Julia’s heart-centered way of guiding, dancing and facilitating infuse the spaces she holds with a palpable vibration of love, sense of safety and acceptance for accessing emotional expression and profound potential for joy, connection, transformation, healing and community building.

A Seeker & life-long Devotee of dance, Julia graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies and Art History.  Her studies cultivated a fascination with Mystical Experience, Sacred Space and a deep sense of Social Responsibility.  After 9-11, with despair and sadness, magically, she found the instrument of her bliss, a hoop, and cultivated a meditative, sensual medicine practice that began to soften her despair while offering bliss, connection, ways of interacting with others and dreams of positively affecting the world through movement & joy.  Since then, Julia has been a student & teacher of the hoop, sustained dervish-style spinning, partner acrobatics, ecstatic dance, aerial & circus arts and is now diving deeply into the study of death, dying & grief.  Julia is interested in the range of human emotional experience and facilitates rituals for grief, rage, emotional expression. 

Julia teaches, performs and curates events in her local community and has presented her unique approach to hooping at Hoop, Flow & Dance conferences around the US, Canada & Bali.   She has been featured in multiple books and articles on hooping & conscious dance.  

With a deep love of the Earth and desire to contribute to the recovery of the Indigenous Soul, Julia facilitates Workshops, Retreats, Ritual Dances and Community Circles.  Her work honors the body’s intelligence; creative expression as alchemical practice; wisdom of our emotional guides; Seasonal cycles & Phases of Life; and the Interconnectedness of All.    


Scott Crews

Founding Partner, The Flowjo, RETIRED
Founding Partner & General Manager @ Synergy FlowArts
Founder & Co-owner @ Root Chews

In January 2016, Scott officially resigned as co-owner of The Flowjo.   As this beautiful story ends, new adventures unfold!  
A drummer of 20 years, Scott connects with the divine through rhythm.  A devotee of funk, bass and all things cowbell, Scott thrives on a driving groove / driving a groove.  He also loves to dance.