• Ancestral Dance Ritual

  • Thursday, July 25


    Everyone has accessible, wise & loving ancestors who can offer insight, guidance and healing. Relating with our ancestors provides greater understanding of the intergenerational blessings and burdens we carry, illuminates a sense of purpose and cultivates connection with spirit. Generally, the ancestors are the collective dead of human history. More specifically, ancestors are the well, elevated rather than troubled dead. While we have ancestors of vocation and spirit tradition, working with our blood family ancestors is foundational and accessible by all. Working with our wise, well ancestors can support the troubled dead, shift the vibration of the lineage, transmute patterns and trauma and brighten the energetic influence of our ancestors on our lives.

    Dance has traditionally been a way to honor and connect with the earth, sun and lunar cycles, our more-than-human kin and the ancestors. Ancestral Dance is a ritualized movement form developed by Julia Hartsell that attempts to remember and reclaim these animist ways, for healing of ourselves, the dead and the earth. This modality has grown out of years of study, personal practice, ancestral guidance, dance facilitation and guiding others with lineage repair work as an ancestral lineage healing practitioner. Dance connection is Ideal for folks with somatic and kinesthetic intuition.

    This evening ritual will weave together somatic preparations, improvisational movement, prayer, visioning, altar work with ancestral lineage healing. We'll bridge the worlds for reconnection with and ancestralization of the dead through movement and ritual. As those of diverse ancestries and ancestral burdens dance together, these rituals can create potent places for profound cultural healing. Gratitude, joy, grief and anger are all welcome as we explore the blessings and burdens of our ancestral inheritance and dance for personal and collective healing.

    To keep this ritual focused on the ancestral connection and healing work rather than transmitting the foundations of the method, this evening ritual is for those who have already done one private ancestral session or group ritual with ancestral lineage healing. This ritual will offer a way to commune and continue the work wherever you are in the process. For those interested in going deeper with this method, a series will begin in mid-late June and run through the summer. Private sessions are also available.

    Visit www.JuliaHartsell.com or PM Julia for more info on ancestral lineage healing
    To register, send payment via PayPal to JuliaNHartsell@gmail.com.


    You may like to bring:
    * water bottle/vessel
    * snack or beverage to share at the end
    * journal/pen
    * something for altar
    * offering for your ancestors

  • $ 25.00

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