• Birthday Party Payment

  • 90 minutes - $225
    Offers enough time for an hour lesson with the fabrics plus 30 minutes to either have a snack or open gifts.
    2 hours - $275
    Offers time for 75 minutes for lesson, plus a little longer to potentially have snack/cake and open gifts.
    There is a space upstairs where snacks or cake can be served and eaten (rather than the downstairs studio.)  Or, you could choose to have just lesson/playtime at The Flowjo and travel a few blocks to the Co-Op for cake.  If gifts are a part of your party, those can be opened downstairs in the studio or upstairs.
    If you bring snacks or cake, everything necessary for snacks will need to be brought in and served by you or your family (plates, silverware, napkins, etc.). Trash will need to be collected and consolidated to one trash can.  Staff can take the trash out.


    A note about waivers:

    Waivers will need to be signed by each parent before the party.  If we proceed, I'll email a file to you that you can send to parents.  You can bring one in for each child to the party or we'll have them for parents sign at drop off.  If a parent doesn't sign, they won't be able to participate!  So, make sure to include with updated invite.


    A note about attire:

    Please have all kids wear comfortable attire. The most common clothes are sweatpants or leggings with a t-shirt or a leotard. Kids can still find a way to play if they are wearing more restrictive clothes (e.g. a dress), but it often limits their comfort. If doing aerial, we also ask that all hand and wrist jewelry/watches be removed. 


    A note about cleanup:

    Cleanup must be finished 30 minutes past end of party time.  This is parental/guardian responsibility, but the staff member can take the trash out once it has been gathered.  If the staff member has to mop or tend to carpet stains after this event due to stickiness, spills or careless food consumption, there will be a $50 cleaning fee.

    (This is to make sure that if the food gets messy, parents are responsible to assist with cleanup and also encourage care and respect with the treat time.  We don't allow much food consumption in the space, so this is a special treat and must be handled with care so the Flowjo and all supplies remain usable.  The FJ will be responsible for taking the trash out.)

  • $ 150.00

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