• Contact Improv Workshop with Jacqueline McCormick

  • Friday, July 20th 7pm to 9pm
    Saturday, July  21st, 10am to 12pm, 1:30pm to 4pm, and a jam 7pm to 9pm
    Sunday, July 22, 1:30pm to 4pm.

    Waiting for the SPARK

    During the workshop we will explore the following:

    Tracking cellular activation in contact. The electricity between the cells that transforms the sensation, the spark, that jumps the space and communicates what comes next to our partner and ourself. 

    Encouraging a ‘Listening expansion’ that can continue at speed.

    How the body organises itself around the touch and enhancing it’s options.

    Challenging us to stay a little longer with the point of contact, to enable a more authentic response and break habitual patterning. 

    All skills will be integrated into our dancing throughout the workshop.

    Workshop with Jacqueline McCormick USA/UK. Limit 20 people for the weekend, cost $100. Includes four class sessions and Saturday night jam.
    Housing available for out of town folks with advance notice. The workshop will build each day so a commitment to attend all sessions is appreciated.

    Jacqueline has been teaching, performing and making dances for over thirty years, directing and performing in her company DanceAbout works that take a dancing journey through the outback of the self. She is fascinated by creating movement from sensation, especially in natural environments, as captured in her dance films; Settle, Spiral and most recently The Walk, shot in Joshua Tree, California USA.

    Jacqueline’s work is greatly influenced by her research into improvisation, especially Contact Improvisation. Since 1990 she has taught Contact Improvisation at numerous Contact Festivals and workshops throughout the USA and Europe, most recently at Italy Contact Festival 2016, Los Angeles USA, and Bristol UK.

    As Artistic Director for Cheshire Dance 2004-2016 Jacqueline created small to large-scale site-based works involving professional artists and communities. The Moment When… 2012 involved over 900 performers, across 3 sites, as part of the NW Cultural Olympiad celebrations. Jacqueline has an M.A degree in Dance from Mills College, California, and was Associate Professor in Dance at Connecticut College, USA 2000-2004, and Western Oregon University 1985-1996.

    To register, contact: johnnmnbainbridge@gmail.com

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