• Donation to The Flowjo

    • Have you seen Jewels, hoopdrum or The Flowjo Family Circus at an event and wanted to say thanks?
    • Have you gotten to hoop at an event with one of our play hoops?
    • Has hooping or circus arts changed your life and you want to contribute to Circus & Hooping in Carrboro?
    • Do you want to contribute to a scholarship fund for aerial or circus skills for a child?
    • Do you want to send a kid to a week of Camp?
    • Want to give a kid a hoop?
    • Do you want to contribute to the space and make it more epic?
    • Are you just plain awesome?

    If any or all of the above are true and  you want to contribute, you can here!

    Each variant below has a corresponding $ amount.

    If you select 'send a kid to class or camp', we'll let you know who got to redeem your scholarship and send a picture of them to you!  This is a great way to support a child and a teacher.

    If you select 'Sponsor a project', we'll send you details on the upgrade or investment we've chosen for The Flowjo.

    Please add something about how/where we met, or where you saw us or why you want to contribute in the notes section.  If you want to contribute to the Scholarship Fund, please make that note so we can track that clearly!

    With flowing gratitude from the center of our hearts!

  • $ 10.00

  • Donation to The Flowjo
  • Donation to The Flowjo

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