• Flowjo Ecstatic Dance

  • The Flowjo is still closed due to COVID. Our dances have continued to happen throughout the pandemic online via zoom and in-person outdoors in Silk Hope at Heartward Sanctuary. If you are interested to join us, please reach out by email at info @ TheFlowjo.com for dates and details.


    Pre-pandemic details:

    for a decade, Ecstatic Dance has been offered at The Flowjo twice weekly

    • Sundays 11am - 1pm
    • Wednesdays  7:30- 9:30pm


    The Flowjo Ecstatic Dance is twice-weekly community experience offering sacred space where people can move, express, play and heal within the container of community. The Flowjo seeks to cultivate space for people to be at home in their bodies, with other bodies.
    Each dance set is 80-90 minutes and musically follows a 5Rhythms inspired wave moving gradually from slow/down-tempo and up to a peak, then slowly coming back down to stillness. There is no verbal guidance, just a brief invitation at the opening circle followed by time for free-form expression. While this is at its essence a solo dance practice, people also dance together. You can always choose what is most comfortable for your body in the moment. (More on consent guidelines below.) There is a brief opening & longer closing circle. The optional closing circle is limited to 30 minutes and provides an opportunity for a brief share about your experience and community witnessing. 
    Located in the heart of downtown Carrboro, The Flowjo has a 1200 sq ft sprung dance floor and began hosting Ecstatic Dance in March of 2011. Our dances usually have 25-40 people, making them fairly intimate. The size of the space and the number of people make them generally conducive for deep dropped-in dives.
    This was the first Ecstatic Dance in the Triangle and the dance has been happening consistently on Sundays & Wednesdays ever since. Our uniquely Flowjo dances have been happening regularly since March 2011 and have created a powerful web of connections, trust and support. Julia Hartsell is the founder of The Flowjo and the curator of this event. Music weaving and facilitation rotates through long-time community members. (For those interested in joining that team or offering a set, please consider coming to the dance consistently for awhile to get the feel for our dance, space and community. Then, reach out to Julia.)
    The dance is canceled only in the event of inclement weather.
    To co-create this container for transformation and community-building we ask that each dancer  Please see our  Guidelines for Ecstatic Dance for more on consent, children and space specific guidelines.
    Suggested contribution:   $7-20 sliding scale, pay at the door in cash or check

    See you on the dance floor!

    We are no longer offering pass-cards. Please consider making a recurring donation or pay in cash at the door.


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