• Grief Ceremony

  • Embrace your grief, for there your soul will grow ~ Carl Jung
    Your grief is Sacred.

    Deep respect to the sadness, anger and despair moving through many on the personal and collective levels in these critical times. Emotions arising from personal loss, trauma, regret, earth devastation, loss of bodily autonomy, systematic and political injustice or ancestral burdens need to be honored and expressed for our personal and collective healing. These feelings can serve as powerful messengers when welcomed, felt, tended. Despite our cultural programming to isolate, especially with pain and anger, tending these bigger energies as a communal process opens up portals for greater understanding, transmutation and compassion. For those interested in tending grief in a ritual container with movement, music, prayer, writing and altar work, Julia Hartsell will be hosting this ceremony for us to gather, feel and move in community.

    Saturday, August 3
    Doors open at 6pm, doors CLOSE at 6:35pm and will be closed for the rest of the ritual.
    $25-45 sliding scale

    Julia Hartsell is a dancer, catalyst for soulful, earth-honoring community, a pioneer in the modern Hoop Dance movement and mama of The Flowjo, a sanctuary for dance & healing arts in Carrboro, NC. Julia is a dance facilitator, ritualist and practitioner of ancestral lineage healing, weaving these practices in both ancient and revolutionary ways. With an animist worldview, her work is focused on reclaiming relational ways of living and ancient forms of medicine at the intersections of movement, and ritual in service of personal, ancestral and cultural healing. She is an Initiate of Osun and Obatala in the Ifá/Òrìsà tradition of Yoruba West Africa.

    A lifelong devotee of dance with a background in Religious Studies, Julia is passionate about ecstatic embodied improvisational expression. Over the past two decades, she has studied many modalities discovering the unique medicine available through movement, somatic and ritual technologies. Trusting the body’s inherent wisdom and sacredness, she utilizes these diverse practices to help access the body’s intelligence and cellular memory for insight, emotional expression and transformation. Over these years, in response to personal and community needs, she has developed ritual dances, grief ceremonies and techniques for individual and collective ancestralization.
    www.JuliaHartsell.com, www.TheFlowjo.com
  • $ 25.00

  • Grief Ceremony
  • Grief Ceremony

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