• Hoop Dance Workshop

  • Saturday September 28th 2:00pm-3:15pm

    With Tina

    Join Tina for a hoop dance class that will explore on and off-body hula hoop techniques. In this class, we will incorporate the hoop while we dance and explore movement pathways. We will also combine the hoop skills we practice into a dance flow sequence at the end of class. Most of all, we will have fun hooping together! All levels welcome. Hoops provided.

    About the instructor:


    Tina finds joy and bliss in many forms, but her main passion is movement! Tina has been hooping for 9+ years and is a certified Global Hoop Love Coach. She is also a certified Kundalini and flow yoga instructor. 
    Tina has taught at outdoor festivals, dance studios, and fitness facilities. She loves teaching hoop classes that explore, discover and unleash creativity! When she isn't moving you can find her making raw, vegan desserts to share with others. 
  • $ 30.00

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