• Open Level Popping Workshop

  • Saturday September 28th 12:00pm-1:30pm

    This workshop is a basic foundation class of popping, which will include the pop/hit technique and how to do it with different variation and timing. 

    About the instructor:

    Kelvin, aka Puzzall, age 35, has been under the tutelage of Otto (Aquaboogy) Vazquez & Jessica (Goldie Lox) Wharton-Vazquez for the past 4 & a half years. He has been part of Nu Paradigm Entertainment for 3 of those years. Puzzall’s prime style is Popping, with a focus on the “funk” and Boog Style. With several years of training in both Locking & Popping, and loads of credits, he is a rising star in Nu Paradigm Entertainment.
    When not dancing, Kelvin loves spending quality time with his family which consists of a beloved wife and daughter. When asked what was his favorite quote or bit of wisdom, he responded:

    “My mom once told me you can do anything in this world as long as you can face the results and consequences. Meaning, if you do a crime, you might do the time. So always do things that are going to give you a positive result.”

  • $ 15.00

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