• Ritually held community discussion and dance in honor of MLK Day

  • In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s inspiring life and profound service in the Civil Rights movement, Tamira Cousett and Julia Hartsell are collaborating on an ancestrally resourced community ritual and discussion for folks to gather in the spirit of reflection, learning and connection. This afternoon ritual will include a tribute to our collective ancestors of activism--especially those who have worked diligently to end racial discrimination-- as well as heart-felt dialogue around inclusion.

    As a community, this is an invitation to be in deep examination and dialogue around our values, both individual and communal. We will be guided to consider how some of these values could be exclusive or unwelcoming. As we sit in consideration of our values, we will be further invited to make a study of how we can refine and expand our values so that they may be inclusive and aligned with the celebration, freedom and equity of all beings.

    While it is The Flowjo’s intention and desire to welcome and honor the sacredness all bodies, in a systemically racist culture (as well as infected by all the other -isms that continue to perpetuate violence), we realize that unconscious patterns or beliefs may be unintentionally exclusive and harmful. This is a powerful community opportunity and invitation to be in a deep study of the unconscious patterns and beliefs that may influence our values so that we may co-create a village of values that supports biodiversity and cultural justice in our shared spaces and in our personal lives.

    DISCUSSION facilitated by Tamira
    RITUAL co-facilitated by Tamira & Julia

    Followed by an optional
    (60 minutes of music woven by Julia, 30 minutes for opening and closing circles)
    Please, no shoes or open containers on the dance floor
    This movement portion will provide a non-verbal space for free-form movement to help integrate the discussion at a bodily level, to honor this lineage of activism, to move with our feelings and even grieve the long history of racism in our world. This will start and end with a brief silence--space to listen for the echo back from the ritual.

    Suggested Contribution:
    $30-75, tuition assistance available, no one turned away for lack of funds
    (write info@TheFlowjo.com for more info)
    % of the proceeds will be applied donated to C.O.R.E. (Chatham Organizers for Racial Equity)

    Bring a water bottle
    Optional ~ Bring something for our collective offerings -- dried or fresh flowers, herbs, spices, grain…

    TAMIRA COUSETT is a practitioner of ancestral and earth-honoring wisdom who is committed to personal wellness in service to greater cultural healing. Her people are from West Africa by way of Alabama, Ohio, and Indiana and also from the Irish and British Isles. She grew up primarily in Atlanta in a loving Muslim home run by powerful women.

    The double initiations of motherhood and navigating an interracial marriage cracked her open to sacred grieving and spiritual realities and to the importance of ancestral and cultural healing. Professionally, she’s also worked for a decade with the EPA as a contractor in environmental science including community outreach and impact studies in service to clean air and the regulation of oil refineries.

    Her spiritual path has led her to become a student of Ancestral lineage healing with Dr. Daniel Foor and a student of West African Òrìṣà tradition in the lineage of Olúwo Fálolú Adésànyà Awoyadé of Òdè Rẹ́mọ. She have been very blessed to spend extensive time in ceremonial space with South American earth-honoring traditions. She has also completed soul healing training & RYT 200hr Hatha yoga teacher training.

    As an ancestral healing practitioner, she holds this work with great reverence and respect for the ways that it nourishes her and others and is a tool for cultural and racial healing. She is dedicated
    to holding an inclusive space which celebrates all forms of ancestral diversity. As a woman of color, she is passionate about working with women of color and LGBTQIA2+ people, and finds great fulfillment in serving historically marginalized populations in her practice. She lives with her partner, two amazing daughters, and two affectionate dogs in traditional Occaneechi territory now known as Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

    JULIA HARTSELL is a dancer, catalyst for soulful, earth-honoring community, a pioneer in the modern Hoop Dance movement and Owner/Curator/Priest of The Flowjo, a sanctuary for dance, somatic, circus and healing arts in Carrboro, NC. Julia is a dance facilitator, ritualist and practitioner of ancestral lineage healing weaving these practices in both ancient and revolutionary ways. With an animist worldview, her work is focused on reclaiming relational ways of living and ancient forms of medicine at the intersections of movement, and ritual in service of personal, ancestral and cultural healing. Julia's ancestors come from Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland and the Cherokee Nation. She is be a recent initiate of Osun & Obàtálá in the Ifá/Orìsà tradition of W Africa and is honored to have studied with African elders in Ode Remo, Nigeria.

    A lifelong devotee of dance with a background in Religious Studies, Julia is passionate about embodied improvisational expression. Over the past two decades, she has studied many modalities discovering the unique medicine available through movement, somatic and ritual technologies. Honoring the body’s inherent wisdom and sacredness, she utilizes these diverse practices to help access the body’s intelligence and cellular memory for insight, expression and transformation. Julia been facilitating an ongoing ecstatic dance for 8 years and creating ritual dances and events that have anchored a multi-generational community at The Flowjo. She has developed grief tending practices and techniques for individual and collective ancestralization through ritualized dances and offers individual and group mentorship opportunities. Julia lives by the Haw River with her husband Jonathan Edwards and rescue pitbull Pablo in traditional territory of the Sissipaha people.
  • $ 30.00

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